Whoever says "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" haven't met me...

An accomplished IT professional, and a WOMAN, who loves learning new tricks

Lately, I've been having fun with virtualization, DevOps, and all things cloud... these things give me FREEDOM to build web and mobile applications in a jiffy!

In a Nutshell

Accomplished IT professional with 15+ years experience creating IT application and infrastructure solutions. Certified Cloud Architect (EMC and AWS) combined with expert-level proficiency in application development, APIs and web services. Delivered IT solutions in a leadership/project management role working and coordinating with all stakeholders, including vendors. Experienced in writing standards, design documents, guidelines and other project management artifacts. Implemented user experiences as designed, deployed and managed servers, designed database schemas and batch processing jobs. ITIL Foundations certified professional possessing a broad IT service management experience. Comfortable working with any platform (Microsoft or *nix). Comfortable in using any software to get the job done. Keeps abreast of best practices and developments in the industry by attending conferences and participating in informal user groups or meetups.

My latest projects:

  • Cancer Chat Canada integrated patient recruitment and chat platform
  • Single Sign On
  • Update encryption
  • Port external systems into our infrastructure
  • Automate manual systems
  • Adjust software for new business opportunities

Here are some of my recent accomplishments:


Cancer Chat Canada

This site allows cancer patients and caregivers to sign up for facilitated online support groups. It facilitates patient recruitment and screening, and provides online chatrooms for the weekly support groups.

My role in this project: Lead Developer (client-side and server-side)

My main goal in this project: The application must be timezone-aware in order to forecast the demand (e.g. cancer type) and the common time for the patients and facilitators across Canada to meet online at specified time slots.
I wrote the recruitment application from scratch and integrated the vendor-supplied chat platform which I customized to suit our needs. Another developer helped with the UI. The team helped with testing.

  • Timezone-aware scheduling
  • Demand forecasting
  • Responsive web design with Twitter Bootstrap 3 and GulpJS (NodeJS, NPM)
  • Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment with Git and Jenkins
Cancer Chat Canada

Conversion from Drupal to WordPress


Rebuilt the main website using WordPress

My role in this project: Project Manager

My main goal in this project: Gather and analyze requirements. Coordinate with all stakeholders for continuous feedback. Monitor weekly tasks so project is delivered on target.
Dropped Drupal CMS in favor of a simpler, scaled down implementation using WordPress.

  • Project Management
  • WordPress
de Souza Institute's main website

PHP, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap 3, MVC (CakePHP)

portfolio.desouzainstitute.com (redesigned)

This site allows users to create an account and enroll in courses. It facilitates enrollment processing, accepts credit card payments and manual (cheque) payments.

My role in this project: Sole Developer (client-side and server-side)

My main goal in this project: Responsive web design
It was getting cumbersome to implement changes on the desktop view and the same set of changes on the mobile view.

  • Shopping cart
  • Access control
  • Responsive web design
  • jQuery, AJAX, javascript
  • HTML5, CSS3
Course Calendar

PHP, MySQL, jQuery (UI, Mobile), MVC (CakePHP)

portfolio.desouzainstitute.com (classic)

The soon-to-be-deprecated theme of the site, employing different themes for desktop and mobile views.

My role in this project: Sole Developer (client-side and server-side)

My main goal in this project: Software upgrade and ability to accept credit card payment
Courses used to be free but we've started introducing nominal course fees in 2013.

  • Shopping cart
  • Access control
  • jQuery, AJAX, javascript, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile
Course Calendar (classic theme)

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